Refurbishing Boeing777, Delta Airlines Moved A Step Ahead From Its Competitors

If you are ready to pay a huge amount for a single air ticket in an economy class, it’s obvious that you would like to have enough room for yourself and your belongings along with your privacy. And if you don’t feel satisfied with what you get regarding the amount you paid for that, it worthless for you to stick to those airlines. On the other hand the airlines lose one premium customer. Keeping that in mind most of the airlines have already begun their task of customer satisfaction. Recently Delta Airlines announced that they will renovate their full fleet interiors of Boeing777s.

What will be renovated?

At present frontier airlines is the only carrier with widest of all seats which are 19.1 inches wide but it is more costly than rest of the carriers. Now Delta Airlines is going to renovate the economy class seats of Boeing777s that will expand the seats up to 18.5 inches, so that you will have enough space to expand your wings. That expansion will make them the broadest seats of any twin-aisle aircrafts and also wider than those offered by their competitors United Airlines and American Airlines. As a part of their schedule the cabin previously consisting of 10 seats will be reduced to 9. And every passenger will have a personal power outlet and an entertainment system featuring an 11-inch screen.

How long will it take to be in public use?

The first of these upgrades were visible in a newly modified Boeing777-200ER flying from Detroit to Beijing, and these upgrades will be continued to all eight 777-200ER jets and 10 777-200LR by the end of 2019. However no estimated cost of the upgrades has been stated, still it’s a part of a multi-billion-dollar project.

Is it going to be a future trend among other carriers?

Flyers Rights Advocacy Group President Paul Hudson said he’s unsure if offering flyers more room is a trend that will continue. “It’s hard to determine if this is a real improvement, as it’s apparently only for super-long-haul flights,” Hudson said. “Some airlines are shrinking space between rows and claiming more leg room by eliminating seat padding and recline.”

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